Avståndet mellan dem – Samuel Beckett, Caspar David Friedrich och Jack B Yeats

”Two Travellers was purchased by the Tate from the Wildenstein Gallery in 1946, having previously been exhibited in the Waddington in Dublin, in 1943. Yeats’s stark, visionary mise-en-scène prompts thoughts of Waiting for Godot. The painting has been linked to the play, and Beckett was certainly long friendly with and appreciative of Yeats. He bought a painting he could ill afford from the artist in the mid-1930s, and he appreciatively reviewed his good friend Thomas MacGreevy’s book on the painter in 1945. In relation to his own feelings about the paintings, in 1937 he’d written in a letter of how, when Yeats painted a man and a woman side by side, he conveyed “two irreducible singlenesses and the impassible immensity between them”. However, in terms of visual references for Godot, he mentioned Caspar David Friedrich’s painting of two men in a moonlit landscape rather than Yeats’s Two Travellers.” – Aidan Dunne, The Irish Times


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