Till den experimentella prosans lov?

Unfortunately, the cause-and-effect paradigm doesn´t fail just at the quantum scale. It also falls apart when we try to use causation to explain complex dynamical systems like the biochemical pathways of a living organism, the transactions of an economy, or the operation of the human mind. These systems all have patterns of information flow that defy our tools of storytelling. A gene does not ”cause” a trait like height or a desease like cancer. The stock market did not go up ”because” the bond market went down. These are just feeble attempts to force a storytelling framework onto systems that don´t work like stories. For such complex systems science will need more powerful explanatory tools, and we´ll learn to accept the limits of our old methods of storytelling. We´ll come to recognize that causes and effects don´t exist in nature – that they´re just convenient creations of our minds. – W. Daniel Hillis


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