Jeanette Winterson om en av orsakerna

till varför också jag har så svårt med den dominerande anglosaxiska prosanormen. Tillspetsat: Har det hänt någonting annat än kosmetiskt med den typen av roman sedan 1800-talet?

Working off Calvino was a way of aligning myself with the European tradition where I feel much more comfortable. That´s a tradition which uses fantasy and invention and leaps of time of space, rather than in the Anglo-American tradition which is much more realistic in its narrative drive and much more a legacy of the nineteenth century. Modernism here really moved sideways and has been picked up much more by European writers. We lost it completely and went back into something, from the 30´s onwards, which was much closer to the nineteenth century fictional form, whereas writers like Borges and Calvino and Perec wanted to go on with those experiments and didn´t see Modernism as a cul-de-sac, but as a way forward into other possibilities. I think we need that, I think it´s got to be there. The playfulness and the challenge has to be there.


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